Fuel Service

Fuel Service

Our fuel system cleaning service improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. This means great cost savings in the long run – and a cleaner, greener car!

We use a special non-invasive procedure to clean inside the engine and remove nasty contaminants from your fuel system. You’ll notice the difference after a short drive.

Our technicians will also check other components to improve your fuel efficiency, including tyre pressure, brakes and clutch system.

Book a fuel system clean online to see the benefits for yourself.


What are the benefits of a Fuel Service?

Over time, carbon and other contaminants will build up in your engine. Without proper cleaning, the fuel system can become clogged which leads to poor acceleration, reduced power and engine problems.

Our Fuel Service cleans these contaminants out of the engine and fuel system, so your car burns fuel more efficiently. It’s one of the best ways to improve fuel consumption.

Is it suitable for both diesel and petrol engines?

Yes, the Fuel Service is suitable for both diesel and petrol engines. We use a slightly different cleaning fluid depending on which type of engine you have.

How often should I have my fuel system serviced?

Most newer cars shouldn’t need a Fuel Service until 50,000 miles, however, we suggest checking your Owner’s Manual to get accurate mileage recommendations for your car.

Keep an eye on the efficiency and performance of your vehicle – if you notice a sharp decline in fuel economy, the system may require servicing.

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